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Alice in Wonderland

Barbara, a 45-year-old woman, is inside the delicatessen of GiaBar and is reading a book: Alice in Wonderland, a fairy tale that has accompanied her since childhood. Unlike the boring book with no illustrations, which Alice finds herself reading despite her at the beginning of her story the books from which Barbara takes inspiration every day are often full of colours, photos and recipes.

Having said that, I’m not here to tell you the story of carefree little Alice, but rather to tell you another story.. our story.

The Origins

In 2017, Giacomo and I went on our first date right inside this place, or rather, I managed to convince him, given my particular allergy to cities, we decided to book in my favourite place: the Greve wine shop (the place where the Giabar resides today).

As a good Anglo-Saxon, I arrived 5 minutes in advance, unlike him who arrived late, which he still carries with him. We sat down in the corner between the bottles of Chianti Classico and the mustards I don’t remember exactly what we drank, I only have in mind the thought of having tasted a good Armagnac after a couple of glasses of wine.

Later, when we went out to get some fresh air, we sat down on a small wooden bench.. a bench that still, despite some ailments, continues to keep us company for our breaths of fresh air.

After a couple of hours, he walked me to my car and we said goodbye. At that time I lived in the beautiful village of Montefioralle. So my trip home was very short. Obviously, at home, a book and more wine were waiting for me. 😂😂😂.

3 weeks went by before our second date because he had to pay for those 10 minutes of delay.

Fall, to get up!

Time passed and we became a couple; accompanied by beautiful moments and others that are easily forgettable, one thing, in particular, bound us, a common dream, to open our spot.

We visited many places but none of these ever convinced us to the fullest.

Then unfortunately in 2020, the pandemic arrived. I had to totally change jobs and get back into the game after creating my much-loved Babskitchen. I know, we’ve all been through some bad times and I’m sure it wasn’t easy at all.
I admit that even I had some big problems, both in the private sphere and in the working one.
Only after going to work in San Casciano, I managed to recover, where I met wonderful people and fantastic children who still come to visit me at Giabar.

But my heart knew very well what I was meant to do: adoring both the world of wine and that of cooking, I decided to send a message to the owner of my beloved wine shop (who in the meantime had asked) to find out if it was still available and if we could talk and discuss to make it ours.

Obviously, these things don’t happen in two days and it took time. On January 1, 2022, we were given the key to the venue. We were delighted but, it would have been nice if the story had started without a hitch… having no electricity we found ourselves cleaning up the whole place in the dark, not to mention the somersaults we had to do to reactivate the light. In short, it was not a walk. Despite all this, finally, on March 7, 2022, we managed to open and inaugurate our dream.

Sandra e Raimondo

To date, I can tell you that I’m happy and we put all our efforts into bringing special products to Giabar. We always do a lot of research, both by visiting various producers and by going to find out about new products and ideas.

Through the outside of Giabar I have tried to create an environment that will create interest in others, a place that, seeing it myself, I would stop for a drink and something to eat. Furthermore, new sofas will soon be added, having found great appreciation from customers.

Now and then you can hear the jokes and teasing between Giacomo and I, we are a bit like Raimondo Vianello and Sandra Mondaini. This thing makes the Giabar an authentic place because it feels like being within the walls of your own home.

I hope Giabar brings to others the happiness it brings to us.

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