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Cooking Classes in Greve in Chianti

Learn the secrets of Tuscan cooking

A pleasant, familiar and informal atmosphere where the fun and joy of cooking will be the real protagonists.


Welcome to the Chef “Babs Kitchen” Cooking School! Join one of our cooking courses where you can learn the secrets of Italian cooking!
Our Chef Barbara, a native English speaker, will take you on an engaging culinary experience in a welcoming and informal atmosphere to rediscover together the joy of creating simple and tasty dishes with excellent raw materials.

What you will learn

In our cooking class you will learn how to make a real complete Italian meal, using seasonal and strictly local raw materials. In this way you will be able to go home and show off all the secrets you have learnt about Italian cuisine with friends and relatives… and thus leave them speechless!

From 150,00 €


Who is Chef Barbara?

Let me tell. No one else can tell you my story better than me.
I was born in Crawley and am the last of five children. My mum is Italian and my dad was Polish. We lived in Canada until I was about 10 years old. This gave me the opportunity to learn English. When people hear me speaking they cannot pin point me because I speak fluently both English and Italian.

I studied cuisine and patisserie at the Cordon Bleu in London. I also took several courses such as cake design, chocolate sculpting, chocolate making, etc…
Not only am I a Chef, I am also a FISAR Sommelier and have also attended 1 year of Masters of Wine. I truly believe that studying, researching and experimenting is vital to then teach, communicate and explain better. What fuels me in wanting to learn more is my passion for my work and what I do.

To increase my skills, I wanted to work in different parts of the world:

  • I worked in Toronto at Stubbe chocolate and at the patisserie of Nadege. I have done some demos at William sonomas shops and have done several cooking classes in Toronto. I have helped in reorganising menus in a couple of Italian restaurants as well as teaching also some dishes.
  • I have worked in France at chambery in a mansion cooking the props for a short movie and for the cast and crew.
  • I also worked in Jaipur for a huge Food Festival for 2 years in a row ending up on sky tata.
  • I have presented wines in Holland in Harlem and Amsterdam.
  • In Italy for Badia a Coltibuono, even ending up on an episode of Meave Food Safary, at the Sting estate in Figline Valdarno as a sommelier for a charity event, I wrote about wine for FISAR Florence’s online magazine.

I’ve had the pleasure of having other experiences as well … but I don’t want to go into too much detail.

In conclusion, I would like to tell you that once you return home after the Cooking Class, you can contact me whenever you want if you need my help with cooking or wine pairing. My support does not end with the Course!

Choose one of our Courses

Pasta and Dessert cooking class

Learn how to prepare authentic, fresh homemade pasta, with or without eggs!
During a practical lesson with our Barbara, you will create and prepare fresh pasta and dessert!
The lesson will end with the tasting of the dishes you have prepared!

Ideal for children!

Duration: 2 hours + tasting lunch

Local Products: YES

Spoken Languages: Italian / English

Score: 5 stars out of 115 reviews

Starting Time: 10.30 am


Included in the price:

Preparation of 2 types of pasta with its sauces.
Preparation of a Typical Dessert.
Tasting of 2 wines paired with the prepared dishes.
Tasting lunch with the prepared dishes.

Price: € 90 per person.

Tuscan Cooking Class

The most complete Tuscan Cooking Class you can find in Chianti!
Barbara awaits you at 10 am with an excellent coffee to better face the morning and then off preparing many good things to amaze your relatives and friends during the next dinners!

Duration: 3 hours + convivial lunch

Local Products: YES

Spoken Languages: Italian / English

Score: 5 stars out of 183 reviews

Starting time: 10am


Included in the price:

Preparation of white bread.
Preparation of handmade pasta with a matching sauce.
Preparation of a second course with a side dish.
Preparation of a Dessert.
The convivial lunch served where you will taste your creations.
The tasting of 4 wines paired with your dishes.
The tasting of 2 EVO Oils.

Price: € 150 per person.

Pastry cooking class

If you are fascinated by the magic that hides behind the most delicious desserts, dream of mixing ingredients to create tasty works of art and wants to learn the secret techniques of professional pastry chefs, you are in the right place.

Duration: 3 hours + Tasting of the sweets prepared

Local Products: YES

Spoken Languages: Italian / English

Score: 5 stars out of 62 reviews

Starting time: 10am


Included in the price:

Preparation of a Panna Cotta infused with Mediterranean herbs and an accompanying sauce.
Preparation of Tiramisu, the most famous dessert in the world!
Preparation of the classic Cantuccini that we will prepare with a variant with white chocolate and pistachio.
Preparation of a fruit tart with shortcrust pastry and lemon-flavoured custard.
A short course of fruit cutting to garnish your desserts.
Tasting of 2 dessert wines paired.

Price: € 140 per person.

EXCLUSIVE cooking class

This exclusive food and wine experience will take you on a sensory journey through the flavours and scents of Italy. You will explore the basics of cooking by creating a complete lunch with simple techniques and top-quality ingredients. Only for true cooking lovers!

Duration: 3 hours + Exclusive lunch served

Local Products: YES

Spoken Languages: Italian / English

Score: 5 stars out of 27 reviews

Starting time: 10am


Included in the price:

Preparation of Schiacciata to combine with the charcuterie board.
Preparation of handmade pasta with a matching sauce.
Preparation of a second course with a side dish.
Preparation of a Dessert.
The exclusive lunch served where you will taste your creations.
The tasting of a platter of TOP cheeses and cured meats that includes many Italian and French excellences such as Pasture cheeses, Corzano and Paterno cheeses, Pata Negra, Culatello di Zibello, Riserva Aged Ham and much more).
The tasting of 4 TOP wines paired with your dishes.
The tasting of 2 EVO Oils.

Price: € 250 per person.

Chef Babs will guide you in this exciting journey which includes:


What are you waiting for?
The Cooking School is waiting for you!

Find out what people who have already tried our Cooking School say

Donald, USA

We recently enjoyed a wonderful cooking class with Babs to celebrate two birthdays. It was a wonderful experience and Babs was delightful. She is as authentic as the dishes she taught us to prepare and we highly recommend her.

Dan, USA

No trip to Tuscany is complete without experiencing Babs Kitchen!! My wife and I were on our honeymoon and this was not only the highlight of our trip, but one of the best overall travel experiences I can remember. Barbara is an amazing chef with an expert knowledge of desserts and wine. We made scratch raviolis with pear/onion filling and cream sauce, fried chicken with lemon sauce, tiramisu, coccoli and a few other dishes. Her facility is top-notch!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Lauren, USA

Barbara is excellent! We cooked a 5 course lunch with another couple and had a blast. Barbara speaks fluent Italian and English, offers a variety of recipes and her hospitality is top notch. We went to her industrial kitchen in her home and enjoyed lunch al Fresca with homemade lemoncello in her charming backyard dining room. Bab’s cooking class is a MUST!

Michelline, USA

Babs was so, so lovely, very knowledgable, so easy going and was so good in explaining not just how to cook but also why we would perform certain procedures and was very informative. We made a beautiful bread, delicious pasta, a juicy, tender pork dish and divine panacotta for dessert. Needless to say we were absolutely stuffed after our meal which we (with assistance) cooked. Babs goes above and beyond giving us info on where to go for meat, fruit and veg and even where I could get my hair done for a wedding I was attending. She was fabulous. Highly recommend this experience.

Travelgirl, USA

Our family was lucky enough to take a cooking class with Babs a couple of weeks ago – it was the highlight of our stay in Tuscany!
Babs tailored the class to our family and the wide range of ages of our 3 children (15, 12, and 9). We learn how to make several types of pasta, sauces and gelato. She was also kind enough to make a beautiful cake in honor of our oldest daughter’s 15th birthday. We enjoyed all of the delicious dishes in the retreat-like setting of her backyard.
Babs is warm and welcoming, a great instructor and was quite patient in answering the many questions of our kids. You can tell that she loves what she does and in sharing it with others. She even spent time researching and recommending local sites to visit while we were in the area. I asked our kids what their favorite part of the trip was, and all of them told me it was “making pasta”. Now that I have the confidence to try it on my own, I’m looking forward to recreating some of her recipes at home for a family pasta making party. Thanks again Babs!

Hanna, USA

My husband and I adored Babs and the cooking class experience. It was certainly a highlight of our honeymoon in Italy, and we felt so lucky to have stumbled upon the class.
The food were all classic tuscan dishes, and we had the whole nine yards: apertivo, primi, segundi, and dolci! Since it was our Honeymoon, Babs even offered to pop some champagne for us to enjoy at the start of our meal. On the warm evening outside we enjoyed a delicious Rosé after the champagne as we began per manjare (excuse the incorrect italian). To start we learn bread (tuscan focaccia went by another name) and pasta making (spaghetti), and Bab’s had great technique tips for us. Homemade pasta makes such a difference! The chicken dish we made was some of the best chicken we’ve tasted, and the panna cotta dessert was delicious too! A tasty salad with pecorino and apple was great on the side. As soon as we got home we started making some of the Babs inspired recipe’s she supplied us with, and we love it.
Bab’s instruction was great, you can tell she has great culinary training and really tries to impart all the tips she can while you cook each dish.
The evening and ambience were perfect.

Elinastreet, Italy

Barbara is a talented, kind, friendly, warm and most importantly – an excellent teacher and chef! Her professional kitchen is extremely accommodating — and the whole experience quickly became a fun family experience (I was with my mother and younger brother). Barbara was patient and happily took us through all the steps of each dish. This was a once in a lifetime adventure for us as a family, and an exciting chapter in our life — thank you Barbara! PS: Barbara was also happy to talk us through all the different areas in Italy, and explain to us where we could find the best ingredients and why. It was a pleasure to work with her.

Book your Cooking Class

Frequently asked questions:

Welcome coffee is at 10.00. We ask you to be punctual.

The duration of the lesson, including lunch, is approximately 4 hours.

Our classes never exceed 10 participants, because we want to support you as best as possible during the lesson. If you are a larger group it is not a problem, just ask us by email at

Of course, in case you write an email to to get prices and conditions.

Yes, we will eat the dishes you have prepared during the lesson.

It is vital that you email us in advance to report any food allergies or preferences you may have, so we can let you know if we can accommodate you. We will not be able to accommodate special dietary requirements without prior notice as ingredients and setting are prepared in advance.

The recipes of all the dishes you have prepared will be sent by email and will be available on our website in a dedicated area.

Each dish will be served with a matching wine, chosen from our beautiful GiaBaR cellar.

Photos are allowed and encouraged! It will be a pleasure for us if you want to publish the photos on your social channels, tagging @gastronomiagiabar.

Comfortable clothing and shoes (you will stand during preparation). Rings and bracelets must be removed during preparation. If you have long hair, tie it back. We will provide you with a GiaBaR apron that you can purchase at the end of the course, without any obligation.

No experience required. Come with the desire to discover and have fun.

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