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Cheese shop

From Giacomo’s research, passion and experience, the GiaBaR cheese library was born. A corollary of different textures, refinements and tastes for those in search of cheeses that tell a story of uniqueness and absolute quality. Selected from the length and breadth of our peninsula and then going beyond the Alps to select gems of absolute value.

Let yourself be enchanted by the world of cheese!

Cheeses from around the world!

The Cheesemongers

Cheeses from around the world!

The Cheesemongers

The Staff


Giacomo Degl’Innocenti is for everyone ‘I’Caciaio del Chianti’.

For more than 20 years he has been touring the Tuscan streets and squares with a single mission: to bring his customers and enthusiasts a selection of top quality cheeses enriched by his expertise, courtesy and passion; added values handed down by his grandfather and father who preceded him in this noble profession.

To accomplish his mission for Giacomo there is only one rule:

Travelling the world to get to know, taste and then select the best of Italian and world production.

Only this way he can satisfy a range of different palates. From those search fo an excellent Parmigiano Reggiano, to those who wish to taste… alpine cheeses, French goats’ cheeses or Blu del Chianti for a fantastic cheese and wine dinner.

And his knowledge has also expanded to the world of quality charcuterie!

Perhaps not everyone knows that Giacomo was also a bulwark of the local ‘Grevigiana’ football team.

And even today, in his work, he plays the same role: ‘hardcore’ defender of quality, at all costs!

Giacomo has been at GiaBaR since the afternoon: after parking his van, he proudly wears the GiaBaR jersey to delight you with his cheese and charcuterie boards and all his passion for this universe.

Cold Cuts Shop

Small artisans of cured meats search between Tuscany, Marche and Emilia Romagna, where the art of pork butchery is deeply rooted. The cured meats in our selection come mainly from these lands which have centuries old traditions, as well as from other selected small producers throughout Italy.

When the little one is really good!

We believe that caring for our customers starts with selecting niche products that are hard to find on the market and that have a story to tell.

We want to amaze you every day,
with something truly unique.

Care and Research

Wine shop

Barbara’s passion for wine (and Cuisine!) has resulted in a spasmodic search for small wine cellars scattered here and there throughout the boot of Italy, and then to France, Spain, Germany and the rest of the world.

If you are only looking for the blazons of Italian oenology you will be disappointed, but if you are looking for small international producers with a unique story to tell, our selection will surprise you! Those who enter GiaBaR in the spirit of an explorer have a great time!

Let yourself be carried away
in the white rabbit hole!

Wines from around the world!

The Sommelier’s

The Staff


Barbara Jakusconek is the chef and sommelier of Giabar.

She was born in Crawley, in the south of England, she loves cooking since always. She specialised at the cordon bleu of London in “patisserie and Cuisine” to then specialise, both in England and in Canada, in what she loves most, cake design.

Before spending time in the kitchen she has worked as well in the wonderful world of wine, becoming a sommelier and working for important wineries in the Chianti Classico like Badia a Coltibuono and Castello di Tornano.

Behind her calm appearance, Barbara is a volcano of ideas and passions. She has several work experiences in Italy and abroad:

She has participated at the gourmet getaway festival in Jaipur, broadcasted on sky India. She has worked in Toronto for a famous patisserie and chocolatier.

She worked in Toronto for a famous chocolate and pastry shop

In France in Chambery she has cooked for the cast and crew of a movie.

In Italy she has combined her passion for food and wine becoming “chef Babskitchen” creating spectacular cooking classes and wine tastings for tourists in Italy.

Passionate about her job, she loves travelling far and wide to discover small little wineries and gastronomic products of quality.

Barbara is always here. If you can’t find her, look for her in her own little kingdom: GiaBaR’s kitchen.

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