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The shining light of Vallone di Cecione

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Vallone di Cecione

I have known Francesco Anichini for many years now and he is a dear friend of mine.

Going to the Vallone di Cecione’s winery is like going to Francesco’s house. There, you can meet his super sweet parents. His mother is always smiling and his father Giuliano always ready to chat.

How many times, bringing tourists to taste Francesco’s wine, they were fascinated not only by the enchanting place, the wonderful wines but by the extraordinary hospitality of a simply divine family.

Watching Giuliano entertaining the tourists has always been the part that I enjoyed the most. The tourists would observe him in admiration, not understanding a single word of his Tuscan chatting. What they did understand while looking him into his eyes was all his passion for his land.

The secret


The secret behind the wines of Vallone di Cecione? Sacrifice, love, passion and the bond to their land. Describing Francesco I would immediately use the word kindness because he always lends a helping hand to everyone. Such a hand can only produce a wine full of feeling. Already from the labels you can see the love and respect of a family for his land. When you uncork and taste his wine, he is telling you the same story that he wrote in his book, The enchanting light of Cecione.

Behind the scenes

Many times we find it hard to really understand what is hidden behind a bottle of wine. We always see the romantic side of this world, but there is sacrifice and worries. Francesco takes care of many things between the vineyard, cellar and tastings. How many hours of work will it take him? Many, also with the worries of storms which can then turn into hailstorms, or when the vineyard is in bloom and a frost arrives or it comes to harvest and it starts to rain. Well yes, making wine is not easy so what drives Francesco so much to produce his wines? Love for what he does.

Among his labels you can find the rosé of Allegra (his adorable little girl), the Chianti Classico, the 100% canaiolo, the 100% black Malvasia, and the 100% Sangiovese campo dell’Orzo. I am lucky enough to have some labels in the Deli as well as having the joy of selling his book.

My favorite wine? The canaiolo.

Come and taste their wine at Giabar

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