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Touching the sky with a finger can be done in lamole

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Lamole is a magical and enchanting place. From up there you can see a breathtaking panorama and in summer it is wonderful because being high up the climate is never muggy. The terraces and dry stone walls can still be found. In May it is coloured with the beautiful light purple color given by the irises that populate its countryside.

Castellinuzza e Piuca


Castellinuzza e Piuca is a small family business of Francesca and Giuliano, which is located just before arriving in Lamole. We went to visit them just before Giabar opened and in fact it was a bit chilly. Besides me and Giacomo there was also little Paddy. We were enchanted and treated as if we were at home. The tasting room is gorgeous and with the table laid with their wines and something to eat to accompany the wines.

The Sangiovese and Canaiolo vineyards used for the production of Chianti Classico are located on the beautiful terraces. It is a wine that rests in concrete for about a year and then aged in the bottle for a few months. It has fruity scents and is a wine that has a wonderful drinkability and goes very well with semi-seasoned pecorino cheeses.

The Sangiovese produced for the Riserva is found at an altitude of 600 meters and ages in cement and used barriques and then for a few months in the bottle.. This wine goes well not only with more seasoned pecorino cheeses but with hearty meat dishes.

The 100% Sangiovese for the Gran Selezionecomes from the Piuca vineyard at an altitude of 600m. Aging 12 months in concrete then about 12 in second passage oak barrels and also at least 6 months in the bottle. This wine calls for a richer dish such as a stew or ossobuco.


The Castellinuzza and Piuca wines have an elegance that fully represents the area of Lamole. The uniqueness of Lamole is the temperature range between day and night, however its dry stone walls absorb the daytime heat and release it in the evening, slightly warming the lower temperatures.. Furthermore, the breezes mean that in moments of rain the grapes do not risk mold as they dry much faster. The microclimate of Lamole makes this place truly special.

If you want to touch the sky with a finger, then do it by drinking a nice bottle of Giuliano and Francesca.

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